Stephan Roberts Tall Planters with Drainage Holes Planting Pots Set of 2 Black 22 in.

Stephan Roberts Tall Planters with Drainage Holes Planting Pots Set of 2 Black 22 in.

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Looking to spruce up your garden?

You'll be thrilled by our tall planters! They're a great way to add some height and dimension to your landscaping or garden decor . plus they're really easy to maintain! Decorate your patio . deck . living room . porch . or office. The minimalistic colors and sleek size of our tall planter compliment any home and garden decor as a tree planter . porch planter . flower pots . plant pots . and all other gardening pots.

Whether it's for your office or your apartment . adding these beauties will make it feel so much more welcoming. With their modern design . our tall planters can be placed virtually anywhere! They are sure to bring life to any space they inhabit. No matter if they're used as indoor planters or outside planters . they'll look magnificent.

Give your garden a makeover with Stephan Roberts Pot Planters

You know your plants deserve only the best. With 4 raised drain holes . your tall plant pot can filter out excess water no matter where it's placed. Tall plants such as ferns . pothos . ivy . and spider plants will thrive in this porous . breathable self-drain planter.

Enjoy the outdoors without worrying about your plants anymore! Our tall planters are built to withstand intense sun exposure and harsh winter temperatures. This means this tall plant pot can be used in all types of weather. The tall . slender design can support your larger outdoor plant and flower arrangements without being too obtrusive.

Our eco-friendly and lightweight tall planters are designed for easy installation in corners . next to tables . on staircases . and adorning entryways. They can be used as dividers with plant pots inside them as well as a multitude of other creative ways. Furthermore . they are made from recycled resin . stone powder . and wood fiber which makes them environmentally friendly.

Gardening and decorating has never been so easy as when you use Stephan Roberts Pot Planters. Add these to your cart now!

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